How To Get Rid Of Meghan Markle

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 16.18.29Disclaimer: We don’t mean to harm anyone on this blog post

Don´t be fooled. Meghan is trying so hard to be likeable. But we´re not buying it! Forget all these PR propagandas online. Just stop !

Meanwhile, fresh from the oven: ´Dear Neghan, we are looking for some ways on how to get rid of Meghan Markle—FOR GOOD! Pls. be creative.´

My suggestions:

  • Do the MI5-Diana style version 2.0
  • Kidnap the common whore
  • Kidnap her and ship back to Crenshaw
  • Poison her meal (c/o the royal butler)
  • Put arsenic on her English Breakfast Tea (c/o the royal butler)
  • Dig a hole outside her door
  • Create a comatose accident
  • Infect her while she sleeps

What else? We are open to suggestions and everyone is invited to share their own views. Please be creative too.

P.S This is just for fun. Sort of. Pls. be aware that they are watching us. 🙂