Wendy Williams and Germaine Greer on Meghan Markle

We need more Wendy Williams and Germaine Greer in this world full of Meghan Markle. The two got the balls to speak their mind! And we all appreciate that. Bravooo!!

A big round of applause to Wendy Williams and Germain Greer!gewe


Germaine noted that Meghan was “not being allowed to shine” in her role in the Royal Family.

She said: “She’s not being allowed to shine at all. You send her to the dawn Anzac service, the poor thing sits there in the dark and people stick into what she wore.”

Germaine stated: “I don’t want to be the wicked witch. I’m saying I hope she’ll bolt before her life is eradicated by the dreariness of The Firm.”

“She wanted her mother to take her down the aisle, and lots of people don’t realised that’s been nixed.”

Germaine said: “She doesn’t have a relationship with them[family], as it happens. There’s history there and it’s going to be regurgitated.”

“The Firm has to control it by restricting the amount of access the public has to her. The mother will not be walking her down the aisle – but The Firm could change its mind.”

Wendy Williams: “Don’t call me a hater, but I feel like there’s a lot of opportunist in Megan Markle… I didn’t even think they’d make it to the alter”

Wendy also thinks that Meghan has a secret agenda by marrying Prince Harry and joining the British royal family.

“I think she’s up to something”

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