SOHO House and Meghan Markle


What is SOHO? Soho House is a group of private members’ clubs aimed primarily at those in the arts and media. Membership is selective and members are drawn mainly from the media, arts and fashion industries. It’s an exclusive meatpacking district club which also has hotel rooms. Harry was known to be a member. According to rumors, it’s a sanctuary where rich men pay for private service since the company is very discreet.


In 2010, Meghan was still a nobody and she was seen with Ninaki (her bestfriend turned enemy) partying in SOHO House. How did she manage to get into SOHO? Well the answer lies on her so called ‘conniving squad‘. It appears that Markus Anderson was the key for her to enter this secretive club. The American TV show ‘Suits’ started its production on April 5, 2010. It first aired on June 23, 2011.

Photo source: Ninaki and Meghan ,SOHO New York

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