Famous Royal Con Artist Of All Time


Full Name: Aurora Florentina Magnusson
Born: 6 September 1817
Known for supposed secret royalty

Helga de la Brache aka Aurora Florentina Magnusson was a Swedish con artist. She attained a royal pension by convincing the authorities that she was the secret daughter of King Gustav IV of Sweden and Queen Frederica of Baden.


Full Name: Mary Moders
Born: 11 August 1642
Known for false identities

Trickster. Bigamist. Mary Carleton, an englishwoman who used false identities such as a German princess, to marry and defraud a number of men. Her real name was Mary Moders and she was born in Canterbury, the daughter of a fiddler.


Full Name: Mary Willcocks
Born: 1791 in Witheridge UK
Known for posing as a fictional ‘Princess Caraboo’

Mary Baker was a noted impostor. She pretended to be from a far off island kingdom and fooled a British town for some months.


Full Name: Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy
Born: 22 July 1756
Known for being a notorious thief

Jeanne de Saint-Remy aka Comtesse de la Motte was a highly placed confidence woman whose greatest scam, the “Affair of the Diamond Necklace,” sped the fall of the French monarchy. She concocted a story, implicating Marie Antoinette but was later found guilty of lying about the Queen’s desire to buy the infamous piece of jewelry. She was also called a thief and was ordered to be imprisoned at Salpêtriêre. She escaped and traveled to London.